Re: (fwd) Licensing - Tiny Toon, Swat Kats, and more

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 95 07:47:30 CDT

 Andy said:
> Anyway, Turner announced over the wire service today that he'll be
>spending something like 35 mil on promotion of "Jonny Quest", with
>"Action Figures, games, videos - 'The Works'" - does any of this sound
>familiar? It should - Turner promised us all of the above for "SwatKats"
>this year.

O.k.- let's see if he really follows thru with this campaign. My guess would be
that he does with Jonny, and Capt. Planet. Just to put all this in "the big
picture", Batman Forever is spending 65 mil on their campaign. Just imagine,
CApt. cups at McD's, and a commercial ever 5 mins. OHHHH, I'm getting goose
bumps already!!!!!

Ian (Still holding out for the Capt. shooting gallery)

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