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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 21:18:35 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 19 Jun 1995 Dana Uehara writes:

>Matt: [The Sci-Fi Channel] mentioned someone contacted them
>through AOL (although didn't give the e-mail address) and
>there must also be a way to contact them by phone (also not

>Well, whoever it was, it sure wasn't me (for one, I'm not
>on AOL, and for another, I'm causing enough trouble on the list so
>I'm staying kinda low on the net for a while ;-)...

Actually, I phrased that kind of badly... What I meant was that
there is a way to contact SCI-FI Buzz through AOL; but no mention of
the email address for them.

>And since SCI-FI channel is owned by USA networks, Turner can't
>really do much about it!

>Umm, I wouldn't say that. If Turner owns the rights to the series
>(since it owns HB) I'd say there's plenty that Turner could do.

Hmm.. I don't know, it seems that USA networks can put up whatever
they feel like, the only thing that Ted could do is not to give out
any video clips to be shown. It doesn't mean that USA can't talk
about it. Besides, a SK clip appeared on "Lifestyles..." when they
were doing a story on H and B. (Although this could have been in
the can before this big mess with TPS.)


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