From: Dana Uehara <duehara_at_cisk.atmos.Ucla.EDU>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 20:32:15 PDT

Because of a recent posting which set off at least a couple of us on
the list (including me, tho you may not have noticed because the bulk
of the comments were through email), I'm reposting the administriva file
for the list. Please read it and adhere to it as much as possible.

Administrative stuff for the SWAT Kats mailing list

Who's in charge: Administrative stuff -- (me).
        For technical stuff: (Paul Hurley).

Subscription: The list is currently open. This means that you may
        join or drop yourself from the mailing list at any time by
        sending email to ''. To join or drop
        anyone (other than yourself) from the list requires my approval.

On- and off-topic stuff: Generally speaking, use your discretion. The
        list itself is not moderated, but I may advise people about
        postings which aren't really related to the list. In general,
        anything SWAT Kat-related is on-topic material. Related material,
        such as Turner Entertainment, mucking, etc. is less on-topic but
        may be allowed, up to a point. Key words are "up to a point."
        This means no personal crusades (please!!!) or general rabblerousing,
        and definitely NO FLAMING on the list. Violation of this, if
        serious enough, will lead to a warning on the first offense and
        removal from the list on the second offense.

Anonymity: if you do not want your email address posted (for any reason)
        in a message to the list, please email me *directly* with the
        message and your request. I'll edit and send the message out under
        my name.

Removal: As I stated above, you may email majordomo on your own to remove
        yourself from the list. Removing anyone else requires my approval
        (and I may also verify this through email). Other grounds for
        being dropped from the list include, but are not limited to:
        o General flaming or rabblerousing. I'll give at least one
           warning before I actually drop someone, however.
        o Constant off-topic posts, or leading the discussion to off-
           topic material. Again, there'll usually be at least one
             warning of some sort before I actually do this.
        o Posting of confidential material to the net. I was nearly
           removed from another list because I did this, even though I made
           sure that no names were involved. This could lead to being
           dropped from the list without warning.
        o Bounced mail. This one will be at my discretion. I generally
           won't drop anyone for bounced mail unless s/he is either (a)
           at an invalid address or (b) has mail bouncing to me for at least
           a couple of weeks. I'll try to alert the list before I do this
           as well, in case someone else on the list can get in touch with
           the person in question.

Questions: Questions and comments are always appreciated. 'Nuff said.

== Dana Uehara (, 15 June 1995

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