Mr. Seibert, line one - it's Chairman Turner...

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Sun, 28 May 1995 08:45:11 -0700 (PDT)

     Just a note for folks who may have been hearing stuff on Furtoonia.
Um, it seems that someone with a nick I don't recognize posted that they
"heard from someone who knows the Tremblays that 'KATS has been renewed".
BZZZZZT!, but thanx for such luck.

     If _anything_ like that happens, either myself or Michael Hirtes
( will hear about it before anyone in Fur-ville, and the
list well hear about it immediately afterwards (not to mention about 100
newsgroups I can think of - only kidding, r.a.d. fans).

     I just sent a registered letter to Fred Seibert, H-B's prez, with a
synopsis of all the comments I've heard everyone make here and in the
newsgroups concerning 'KATS, Planet, and the WPT's - also what we'd like
to see happen with the program. I wasn't nasty, but I was very direct -
here's an excerpt:

     "The show did very well _despite_ being aired at 4:35 am Pacific
Standard time. It "didn't make money in broadcast"? Do you think maybe
it's because half the country was still asleep? What kind of sponsors
did Turner expect to get in a timeslot reserved for infomercials and
"Hogan's Heroes" reruns?"

     I also outlined what people expected from a movie, how many of us
are also TMNT fans for the same reasons as we are 'KAT fans (and look how
much stuff TMNT sold), and detailed how successful the mailing list is,
especially considering that there wasn't any advertising involved. I told
Seibert about Matt W's hard work with the posters, Walt and Dana's fan
club efforts, the Animato article and all the other stuff:

     "Most studios can't _buy_ that kind of product/fan loyalty, and you guys
have it almost in spite of yourselves."

I'm going to wait for a reply for a reasonable lenght of time, then
copies go to Seibert's bosses in Atlanta. If he's ditching his mail, it
better be a damn deep ditch, he may need to take cover when Atlanta yells


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                 ...we wanna be the good guys..."

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