Re: "New" episode isn't so new...

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Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 00:18:48 -0400

>Any new eps no matter how good or bad are always good no matter what.

errrr....I tend to disagree. Yes, it is a good sign to see a new
episode, I suppose. But what good is it if that episode positively
stinks? It's bound to create a bad impression, and any such bad
impressions can always be pointed to and used as excuses to can the
series. Yes?

And I'm sorry. That episode was bad. I don't care if it was new. It
should never have been made. I would rather have watched "Highlander II"
in a movie theater filled with wailing infants.

OK. It wasn't THAT bad. But it certainly left me underwhelmed.

Samuel Conway, Ph.D.
Senior Staff Troglodyte
Avid Therapeutics
Philadelphia, PA

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