Miss Briggs, refuelled TurboKat, and a screwup.

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     First of all, oops! No Korean 'Kats after all. Mook is Japanese as
is reflected in the FAQ, but Hanho Heung-Up is Taiwanese, not Korean.

     There's been a few questions from Callie Briggs would-be suitors,
and guess what? She wasn't even going to be in the show at the outset.
Initially, T-Bone (who was nearly called "Doomsday" - eesh.) and Razor
were to battle their daily quota of monsters with help from their friend,
a "policewoman". The "policewoman" idea was dropped (temporarily, until
Felian appeared) and Callie written in. The supporting cast was also
re-written to a large extent from the original concept. The
"policewoman" idea seems to have gained acceptance by at least one other
studio - witness "Gargoyles". Callie's managed to stay more or less out
of the "April O'Neil" mold, she's not kidnapped half as often - and has
her fair share of great lines in the show, my favourite of which has to
be from "Chaos in Crystal", where Rexx Shard says:

        "...I thought diamonds were a girl's best friend.."

and Callie answers:

        "I don't like the setting!"


     Next, people have asked whether or not H-B's seemingly renewed
interest in the project means anything substantial in terms of
resuscitating the program. To be honest, I don't know. Ted has a
built-in "back door" provided to him by Disney's marketing yo-yo with the
"Lion King", and could say that he always meant to continue the program,
he just "temporarily" discontinued it for "marketing reasons". On the
plus side, they are changing the timeslot to a better one, they are doing
the TCN promotion, and they have apparently created some new advertising
(like that "Ann Gora" retrospective people saw on New York stations). If
anyone has noticed the fall lineup, it's pretty scary, and new networks
are leading their kids schedule with a bunch of un-tried stuff. If TPS
is smart, they'll realize that they already have a proven show, and could
clean up in the ratings again if they just had some new eps to offer us
in the fall. Just think how much more of the licensed stuff they'd sell
if they just announced during the TCN promotion that there will be "new


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