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From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Wed, 17 May 1995 06:13:59 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, 16 May 1995 wrote:

> I happended to catch the same show again on another
> station later on and recorded it. The Kats ep. they showed
> was one that I've never seen before. In the clip, the
> TurboKat is carrying what looks like a giant mummy with
> some kind of crown on its head.

     It's from "Deadly Pyramid", and it's one of the best-animated things
I've ever seen from anyone, at any time, anywhere. If you missed this ep
when it came around, I think it's going to show up on TCN.

> >EXACTLY what he thought, and gave them both barrels. He knows
> Sounds like something we (the fans) have been doing. If we only
> had a few "higher-ups" in the industry to put some questions to
> TPS & make Captain Plan.. er, Ted give us some answers.
> -Matt

     I don't know when or where that "retrospective" is going to air, and
this tour of Warner's was about a month or so ago. Speaking of
"answers", I posted the "Captain Planet" movie info on
rec.arts.animation, and it drew a couple of responses - one in the form
of a phone call from someone who wouldn't give a name. I'll transcribe
it to r.a.a. and if people can't get the group and ask, I'll print it
here as well. Seems a few people are wondering why a "Planet" movie got
the green-light over a "Kats" one.


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