H-B wakes up and smells the coffee...

From: Andy Hill <chance_at_unix.infoserve.net>
Date: Tue, 16 May 1995 06:24:25 -0700 (PDT)

     After getting into all that trouble for posting stuff on the 'net
about the upcoming 'KATS stuff, I figured any phone calls to me from H-B
were going to fall into the "Sh**:The Next Generation" category. Bzzzt!

     I got an incredibly positive one from the guy in charge of
fan-relations for the 'KAT guys yesterday, and interest in the program is
kind of experiencing a "Prague Spring" over there. This guy really made
my day, what a difference from all the bull I had to go through previously.
Anyway, what it boils down to is that they're going to start promoting
the 'KATS, realizing that (thanks to the people that commented here, on
r.a.a. and in mail) there IS a lot of interest among the viewers. Get
this - all of July is "SwatKats Month" on The Cartoon Network to coincide
with the video/SNES release, and they're working on the promotions right now.
I may have a hand in that aspect of it, so if anyone has any suggestions
of what kind of thing they'd like to see (giveaways, contests, that kind
of stuff) please let me know.

     One thing I do need to know, even from the legions of lurkers, is
the channel that people are watching the program on; i.e. TBS, The
Cartoon Network, or your local almost-affiliate. If you could, please
e-mail me with your info in this respect, you don't need to include your
name or anything, just the Network you watch the guys on. Walt
(Wkoziol_at_delphi.com) is keeping a list of names for the mail-based
fan-club, if you want on it, please e-mail him your info. The H-B
"official" club looks like it's going to happen, and this is the best way
to make sure you're part of it.

     I had one idea for the TCN promotion. I was going to suggest that
they have some kind of random drawing from all the fan mail they receive
through the month of July for maybe a few of the SNES games, the home
videos, and some autographed posters of the 'KATS from Christian and
Yvon. The idea has been tossed around that maybe a piece of original
signed artwork actually used to make the program would be one of the
prizes - "tell me what you think"! If there is sufficient interest, it
will likely happen, and having it fan-mail based gives everyone a chance
instead of just those watching the 'KAT guys and gals on TCN. If you
have any other ideas of what would be cool prizes or contest stuff, pass
'em on.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, Ted turns up the air-conditioning...it always gets
hot when you misjudge the audience...


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