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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Mon, 15 May 95 19:00:53 EDT

I had mentioned that I'd seen a SWAT Kats "flashlight gun" in the
supermarket where I usually shop. They had two left last Friday; I
bought one.

Cost was $2.00. They had a similar TMNT "Flash Gun" as well; the
design of the product lends itself to that. Anyway, the Flash Gun is
a small flashlight in the shape of a pistol, with the trigger serving
as the "on" switch. For the SK version it's molded in medium blue,
with a bright orange front cap to hold the bulb, and another bright
orange cap at the rear of the "slide" to access the battery compartment.
There's a sticker on the front of the "slide", with the SK logo in red
& blue on a yellow background. This is all that identifies it as an
SK item. The "gun" is blister packed on a 5x7" card with its single
no-name-brand battery.

The front of the card is full color, the top being black and the
bottom where the toy is mounted being medium blue. The top features
the "SWAT KATS - the radical squadron" logo, and a picture: Razor in
a three-point crouch with right fist clenched lower middle, T-Bone
standing with arms folded upper right, and the Turbo Kat upper left.

The back of the card is unfinished grey, and is an ad for the SK video
game for SNES by Hudson Soft. Again, it has the large SK logo.

Producer of this item is Gordy Toy, part No. 362.

If anyone wants it, it's yours for the $2 plus postage. Otherwise I'll
just keep it floating on my desk with my McD and BK toys and Russian
armored car model.

Ed Rudnicki
TLM addict FDC Bronx FDC Night Watchman
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Motorized Paddling Action!!

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