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From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Mon, 15 May 1995 06:59:26 -0700 (PDT)

On Sun, 14 May 1995, Ratman wrote:

> I haven't gotten nearly as much Swat Kat graphics as I'd like for my ftp
> site.
> I have had a few attempts, but nothing successful. They all got
> corrupted for one reason or another.

     I'm going to get some grabs and stuff soon to help give us something
to look at - sorry, but I've lately been running so short of time in

     I have a fairly direct letter going out to Fred Seibert today, and I
think I have a way to make sure he'll read it. Essentially, it distills
the commentary that I've read here, some of the stuff I've heard
elsewhere, and also demonstrates to the guy that some of us go above and
beyond the call of duty when it comes to helping out the fans (and you
know who you are, guys!). I've outlined how much people are willing to
buy stuff (wait until you see some of the GIF's of merchandise concepts
I'll have for the group), and how pissed off we are that we can't yet
find much of it. I also did a lot of "business" reasoning that the money
people will like, concerning why they should finish the extant three eps
in time for late fall air. Anyone check out what the fledgling networks
are leading with for the fall? Exactly. A bunch of un-tried stuff. If
H-B announces that they're going to complete the new eps, what effect do
you think it will have on the sales of merchandise like the SNES game and
the Home Videos? Exactly. I've also passed on the general fan opinion
of Turner's go-ahead for "Captain Planet" and "Space Ghost" movies ahead
of "SwatKats", and challenged their marketing people to conduct a survey
in any eastern US arcade they care to name, to see which project kids
would most like to watch. I pointed out that if Turner Group doesn't
want to conduct such a poll, that a few press people I know may take it
on themselves, as it would go a great distance towards explaining TPS's
mishandling and cancellation of 'KATS.

     I've also pointed out that the reason the "cancelled because it was
too violent" rumour is gaining momentum is because Turner Group is more
or less proving it themselves. Chairman Ted's comments in the public eye
on how he promotes the "non-violent" aspects of his cartoon properties,
and the fact that the ancient Scooby-Doo has a full hour in the prime
afternoon slots while 'KATS is relegated to the "infomercial" slot at 4
in the morning, don't really provide any kind of rumour-denial, do they?
The letter is going to be faxed to a couple of "significant others" who I
count among those on "our side", and if I don't get a response, from
there it will go "other places".

Game ain't over yet, folks. If you haven't written H-B yourselves, every
little bit helps. I passed on the "fan-club" number to a couple of us,
if you're inclined to call, sooner would be better than later. There's
going to be some, er..."pressure" applied to the Turner organization by
others in the next little while, but don't think that "everyone else"
will take care of business - we should all do something if we're inclined.

It's evidently unseasonably warm in Atlanta this year...


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