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     Tomorrow's episode is supposed to be "Metal Urgency", I believe -
for those of you who don't have the ep.

     'KAT trivia: "Mutation City" was the first episode of the second
season and reflects a few changes in the way the show was produced.
Christian and Yvon provided the story idea themselves, which was written
by Glenn Leopold. This was also the first episode where "inspirational
art" was used to help the writers visualize what Christian and Yvon
intended. What this is, basically, is a series of sketches of key
scenes specifically intended to "inspire" the writers to write something
exciting. This type of thing was used a lot in the 50's, but has been
considered an expensive luxury for later productions - looks like the
'KATS deserved "luxury". I haven't seen this particular ep yet, except
in clips, but from what I understand the "inspiration" clearly shows.

     "Caverns of Horror" had a few art changes for copyright reasons, and
a scene change for "gratuitous violence" reasons (..yawn). The original
design for the creatures was very "Alien"-like, a bit too similar for the
legal-beagles, so it was changed to the version that made it to the
screen. There's a scene in the show where one of the creatures attacks
the canopy of the TurboKat above Razor; originally, the creature was to
break through the canopy, and Razor was to use his Glovatrix and fire a
missile directly into the creature's mouth - with the expected results -
but it was changed to the "tamer" version at some early stage.


     "We have a mission Ann, down these mean skies, a 'KAT must fly...
                 ...we wanna be the good guys..."

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