Re: SwatKats "shorts" and Unlikely Alloys...

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Wed, 10 May 95 15:07:26 EDT

> Someone asked why they did the 11 minute and 9 minute "short"
>episodes instead of the standard 22 minute variety on a couple of
>occasions, and here's the answer.
> The "short" idea was Fred Seibert's directly, president of
>Hanna-Barbera, in the belief that the whole industry was headed down a
>"multiple storylines within the half hour format" road. It was an
>experiment, and everyone I've talked to on varying levels agreed that it
>was not a successful one.

I don't know that it applies to SK, but I've read several times in
"Animation" that making a show with two 11 minute "shorts" rather
than a single 22 minute story makes the show more marketable in
Europe and elsewhere, as the 22 minute time is specifically geared
to the US market.

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