Re: Which poster saw the poster, and Fan-stuff

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Thu, 4 May 1995 23:52:47 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 4 May 1995, Dana Uehara wrote:

> I guess it's only fitting that the list's founder be the one to shed some
> light on the poster (I know it exists, because it's hanging on my office
> wall as I'm typing this on the computer!). I didn't find the poster
> myself -- a friend found it for me (said he saw it at a K-Mart in
> Inglewood, CA). You might be able to find it at a K-Mart in your area --
> if I can find out exactly where the K-Mart in my area is, I'll see if I
> can locate any more posters.

     Very fitting. I did check out the local K-Mart, and they can only
help me out if I want Muted Morphine Pouter Rangers. They're the ones
that told me there weren't any. Anybody, if you can find one (I guess
there's only one) I can send cash your way. My wall has one empty spot
left (the rest is TMNT posters). How cool looking are those flashlights
mentioned earlier - gotta eventually have one of everything for posterity.


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