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From: Mitch Botwin <>
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On May 3, 3:38pm, Dana Uehara wrote:
> Subject: Living on Razor's Edge...
> Nice, catchy little subject title. Too bad it has nothing to do whatsoever
> with this post. ;-)
> Also, just because I said the list was prolific doesn't mean that everyone
> has to clam up. I don't bite (well, most of the time, anyway ;-), but
> seriously -- I'd like to hear from the listers, particularly the lurkers.

The purpose of a lurker is to lurk, if you make them respond they will loose
their purpose in life.

> Remember, any discussions relating to the SWAT Kats (or even furry
> fandom, or felines, because the Kats are anthrofelines) are most
> certainly on-topic. If I see something going too much off-topic, I'll
> either warn the list or take it to personal email.
> The newsgroup: I think it's a great idea because the messages about
> the 'Kats are being lost in rec.arts.animation (and even in

Taking the newsgroup to the next level rec.arts.animation.swatkats would be
perfect for the limitations of the news reader gateway. We are not allowed any
of the alt groups.

> I'll do my best to keep the list going whether or not the newsgroup succeeds.
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