Re: Window stickers?

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Date: Wed, 3 May 95 23:57:50 -0500

Andy wrote:
>On Wed, 3 May 1995 wrote:
>> I had heard from a friend that there were a series of SWAT KATS toys
>> included in Kids' Meals from White Castle, though I've never been
>> able to verify that.
>> -Tim

> Yep. Looked into this, and there were such creations. We don't have
>"White Castle" in Canada, but a friend saw the SwatKATS stuff in Ohio,
>called the head office, and evidently got the last three around. Anyone
>have spares?

I've heard that the Krystal's chain is modeled after White Castle (only
the food is supposed to be worse--hard to believe!). Basically, they
sell these little, steam-cooked squares of meat-like substance between
a greasy buns and call them hamburgers. Their motto is "Buy 'em by the
sack." These little gems are also known affectionately as "gut bombs"
or "sliders."

Anyway, if anyone knows what these White Castle SWAT KATS giveaways
actually were, please let us know!


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