Christian Tremblay says Hello...

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 1995 11:55:55 -0700 (PDT)

     I just got off the phone with Christian Tremblay (1130 hrs PST) and
he wanted me to tell everyone on this group that him and his brother
really appreciate that people support the show like this, and if he had
his way he'd "send everyone a cell or something" but he's doing two other
projects and fighting for this one, there isn't time! They're going to
get a computer, and I'll tell them how to get on the list once they do.

     News-type stuff. First of all, "Dr. Konway" - Christian remembered
you and the story behind the "Mutation City" ep without any prompting -
he's glad that "the old fat scientist is still very much a fan". Their
relations with Hanna-Barbera are so bad at the moment, that Fred Seibert
- the president - isn't returning his calls. Christian says it's not a
problem, if he really wants to get hold of Fred, he calls about ten times
a day until he's made so much of a nuisance of himself that Fred calls back!
Hanna-Barbera is evidently carrying on some huge construction project for
"offices" - a strange thing for an organization that's "not making money"
to do.

     Toys. August 1st is the official release date for the toys, but
we don't know the time-frame for each individual Toys 'R' Us and Target
to get them. Production run will start mid-May.

     Video game. The Hudson Soft SNES game had the colours designed by
Christain, and he's still waiting for a sample, although it's scheduled
for a July 1st release to stores. It's supposed to be pretty cool.

     Home Videos. There will be three cassettes, scheduled for a July
5th release. Each cassette has different cover art, and has a different

        Cassette 1: Dr. Viper

                 a) The Giant Bacteria
                 b) Destructive Nature

        Cassette 2: Dark Kat
                 a) Nite of the Dark Kat
                   b) The Wrath of Dark Kat

        Cassette 3: The Metallikats

                 a) The Metallikats
                 b) Metal Urgency

     Each cassette has a fifteen second trailer attached to the front for
the SNES video game, and a 5 buck rebate coupon.

     I'm sending him printouts from this group and r.a.a. - if you wish
your stuff excluded for whatever reason, could you please let me know and
I'll delete it from the package. If you have anything you want to send
to them, could you e-mail it to me, and I'll include it. They really
like hearing from the fans. Christian has been trying to get interest
from Hollywood in the "SwatKats" movie - either feature animation, live
action (like TMNT I) or Direct-to-video, but everyone in Hollywood is
waiting to see how the marketing of the toys etc. do before committing to
anything. Here's the sad part. Someone in Hollywierd has given the
green-light to produce a live-action "Biker Mice" flick, but doesn't
think the 'KAT guys have a chance? Give your head a shake, people.


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