"Miss Briggs, you're out of order..."

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> First of all Feral has to catch Razor and T-Bone which is not going to be
> easy to do. Besides, if they were caught Callie Briggs will defend them
> herself. Come to think of it, if Feral is really smart he would not get
> Callie Briggs upset. She is definitly one lady that you don't want to upset
> if you value your life.

     Ummm...Feral's had tons of Enforcers surrounding T-Bone and Razor on
a number of occasions, if he wanted to do it, it wouldn't be hard -
remember, all the Enforcers that would be taking Feral's orders believe
that the 'KATS are a menace after hearing it so often from Feral. I
doubt they would _all_ feel that way, though. What would Callie do in
case the SwatKats ended up in the nick? A similar scenario to "Evil Side
of the SwatKats", perhaps? The more I hear variations of this idea, the
more I think it'd make a fine story.


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