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> You know, I think it would really be great if there were an
> episode in which there is no *major* villian reaking havoc
> all over the city. Just a show focusing on the personal
> lives of all the characters including Callie, Feral, etc.
> It probably wouldn't go over very big with the suits claiming
> "no action = no show = no money".

     This is changing a bit in the industry. "Exo" got shut down after
two seasons, and it had plenty of "action" and "money". SwatKats killed
it in the ratings adjusted for broadcast area.

> I think one of my favorite scenes is the one in which Chance &
> Jake are working on Callie's car giving it a tune-up. Callie
> is saying "good-bye" to go off with the mayor and Chance
> thinks she likes him until she steps back to give a more
> "loving" good-bye & wave to Jake.

     I caught that. I like the way T-Bone slicks his hair back, and
starts doing the macho routine, leaving poor Jake to do all the work, but
Callie seems to like Jake more anyway. Heh. Too bad life doesn't work
out that way, huh? T-Bone's always showing off in front of the girls.
Reference "Pastmaster Always Rings Twice", when he's on the museum roof
with Razor, and he says "Can I give you ladies a hand?", and lifts both
Callie and Dr. Sinian to safety. Then when the nasty cat is about to
attack, he bares his teeth and claws ready to show off yet again in a
single-handed cat vs. cat battle, until Razor robs him of his macho
display with one round from the cement machine gun. Poor T-Bone, no luck
with the chicks. I can't think of any instance aside from the one Matt
mentioned where any of the show's female characters express a preference
for one of the other 'KAT guys - can anyone else?


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