Re: Does Feral know?

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Date: Fri, 28 Apr 1995 02:54:34 -0400 (EDT)

As for Feral knowing who Razor and T-Bone are I doubt it cause if he did he
would have grounded them a long time ago. If you remember the story on how
Jake and Chance became the Swat Kats due to Feral's mistake. Well, Feral
grounded them perminantly until they paid for the damage to the Enforcer
building that Feral created. Because of this Feral would ground them no
matter what cause Feral appears to be the kind of kat that takes orders and
if anybody goes over his head it really ticks him off. Take this into
consideration as well, do we know if Feral knows Jake's skills as an inventor?
I don't think so cause if the Enforcers are anything like the Air Force or the
Army then they will have the mechanics fix the equipment and not the pilots or
the gunners working on their own planes. As for the Feral's phrase "Hot Shots"
it could be one of his favorite phrases cause he used it a couple of times with
Felina doing outrageous things like Razor and T-Bone. The only thing that
could give them away are Jake's and Chance's voices. If Feral knew their
voices well which I'm sure he did then he would know who they are.

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