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Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 20:27:58 -0700 (PDT)

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> What do you mean that Steele wasn't trying to kill Feral?!? He was hoping that the Darkkat Dominions would do the dirty work for him so
> he can get Feral's job. Steele acted like his name but we found out at the
> end that he had to no stomach for battle. He was a frail kitten and because of this it made
> Feral's character more likable cause deep down he knows that T-Bone & Razor
> gets the job done and are not cowards like Steele.

     I would have to guess that Steel hadn't thought it out all the way
through, and was just waiting for events to unfold (though its treated
very shallowly in "Wrath" just see him after Feral's job). Feral
knowing who the SwatKats actually are? Hmm...see JH's post following this
one. It's obvious he can see a use for them, look in the same episode
where Steel says "Look Commander, the SwatKats are...(running? turning
tail?)" and Feral replies:

        "This is no time to gloat, you idiot..."

     'KAT guys balance the odds, and as long as Feral can still publicly
trash them, his purposes are served as well.


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