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> But I digress...
> > I don't really want to see a representation of average
> >existence in entertainment, the nature of cartoons like the 'KATS
> >is escapism, although themes that occur in life are explored. I
> >just don't really want to see the view out of my own particular
> >window duplicated verbatim on the screen!
> I agree completely with you on this one! :-)
> Actually, the interaction between the main characters on a
> personal basis provides for some very entertaining moments.
> Each time the writers give us a little glimpse into the "every-day"
> life of TBone & Razor, the characters become _more_ believable
> and not just a "robot" who goes out & does a job 1, 2, 3...
> It adds a "three-dimensional" aspect to the character &
> personality of each of them. I would actually prefer to see
> more of this in each episode! But given the 22 min. barrier, I'm
> sure it's really difficult for the writers.

     Despite all the monster-battles, cool drawings, music and action -
know what I like about the KAT guys most? Scenes like the "Chili-Pepper
Eating Competition", and the one where they're trying to outdo eachother
in the centrifuge. Nobody writes character stuff like that anymore, and
these are the scenes that stick, and are usually the ones I show to
people who've never seen 'KATS. Tremblay's started off with the
characters and built up, not with the situation and filled up the scenery
- it shows. 22 minute ac/adv is hard to write for, you're essentially
stuck in the "short story" format that we all learned in High School
English, but you also have to incorporate the commercial breaks in
strategic places without breaking up the pacing. It looks easy, it isn't.
The scenes like the ones I noted above were fought for by the writers,
because they knew how much the audience would appreciate them - the three
piece crowd just wanted to sell toys.

Andy (guess we're all on at the same time...this is like IRC!)

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