Re: The world ended? Was everyone okay?

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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 22:16:34 +0059 (EDT)

On Mon, 24 Apr 1995, Andy Hill wrote:

> On Mon, 24 Apr 1995 wrote:
> > Standards and Practices be buggered!
> >
> > When I wrote my fanmail, one of the things I mentioned was the fact that
> > they did dare to depict characters dying. I have never been able to stand
> > the "fortunately there were no injuries in the nuclear blast" mentality that
> > tries to shelter children from all unpleasantness. In an age where lunatics
> > can blow up crowded buildings in Midwest cities, I think that kids *need* to
> > be exposed to death, lest they be completely unable to handle it when it comes
> > to the real thing. I applauded the Tremblays for allowing Swat Kats to have a
> > body count, for this very reason. If parents are worried about their poor
> > little kiddies having nightmares if they see a busload of people get blasted
> > on a cartoon, then they'd damn well better worry about what's going to happen
> > when their little ones see the same thing happen on the news.
> >
> > Just the two cents of a man who used to watch the Coyote actually hit the
> > ground, and still managed to lead a normal life when he grew up. :\
> Thank you for this, I just finished typing something very similar to
> some cretin on rec.arts.animation who complained about
> "gratuitous"violence on the 'KATS. I pointed out that teaching our kids
> to grow up thinking everyone's going to be their friend, and that there
> will be a positive message at the end of everyday is unrealistic and
> irresponsible garbage. BS&P entities have got to be the most evil
> creations on the face of the earth, and the damage they do in their
> holier than thou quests is inestimable. There are other opinions on this
> issue, so hopefully no one considers the above as flamebait.
> Andy (Dr. Moreau nailed one of the things I caught on to very early, and is
> one of the reasons I like the 'KATS so much, it doesn't dodge
> issues of life and death, and manages to say CRUD without someone(s)
> plugging their ears in righteous indignation!)
Can i say something?

I watch this show because i know life is cruel....and to a certain extent
the Swat Kats can die at any time....the question is when.

The thing that makes this better than most cartoons is the fact that the
hero'd themsleves are weakened by there own egos and demons.. also there
not really good guys. there men who belive in kicking but rather than
discussion. (I will never act like that in life).

Swat Kats is a show that came out the "Johnny Quest snydorme" the age
when Johnny Quest dominated the air waves with his non-superhero like

That was gone until Swat Kats came back with the same idea. But because
Mr. Ted Turner can't get away from cookie cutter shows (Mainly Captain
Planet) this show will never come back.


P.s. i guess the kids at school were right....Swat Kats can be beatten
even by the X-Men.

(Swat Kats 1993-1994, you kicked tail, to no avail)

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