Re: Stereotyped, monotyped, poorly typed.

From: Felix Lee <>
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 1995 19:28:49 -0400

> ...aah, don't know about this. Marketeers planning the toy lines
> generally (Disney) try to steer the shows course along the lines of
> confrontations with the villains that are likely to appear in Toys R Us.

hmm. I guess I've been assuming that it's easy enough to create and
sell arbitrary action figures. but besides the development costs,
it's probably hard to pitch, say, a Callie figure at the 6-11 market.
(is there an April O'Neil figure? I can't remember seeing one
advertised. time to go digging in a toy store. just for research, of
course :)

> How about a story where Feral does something unconscionable
> to the KAT guys, and she initiates a move to dump him in favour of some
> up-and-comer, who may not be what he/she appears?

ok. but how about getting rid of the "not what they appear" gimmick?

hmm. Felina is a natural choice for a replacement for Feral, which
introduces all sorts of interesting story possibilities. dunno how
well it could be done in the limitations of the TV series though.
might make interesting fanfic.

> I personally value the kind of relationship the 'KAT guys have
> with each other far and above the kind of two-dimensional liasons that
> would occur if they pursued the Callie/romantic thread.

heh. since when are romantic relationships two-dimensional?

shrug. they're hard to handle in boy-oriented action/adventure
stories. funny that recurring characters in cartoons are rarely
married. oh, they have all types of stable relationships, but they're
rarely involved in stable romance. I've got dozens of silly theories
for why this is true, and I don't even know if it _is_ true. :)

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