Re: Kat Weaponry and Edgy Razors...

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 1995 07:38:52 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 15 Apr 1995, Dana Uehara wrote:

> Andy Hill writes:
> Let me clarify something here.
> The *idea* of the mailing list was my idea, yes. However, Paul Hurley
> (aka Ratman) did the legwork in setting up the actual mailing list (I
> believe in giving credit where credit is due), although I help take
> care of its administrative tasks.

     Actually, I was aware of that (thanks Paul), but I also believe I
gave credit where it was due, just not everywhere it was due.

> Slicer Missile, and so on). That doesn't mean, of course, that the Kats'
> weaponry doesn't include *any* warheads; but the intent of the weaponry
> seems to be more toward capturing or disabling criminals rather than
> blowing them up. Any comments?

     I noted that most of their weaponry seems more geared towards
stopping the particular miscreants in their tracks, without necessarily
passing "judgement" on them by blowing them to smithereens. When I
first saw the show, I figured it was due to the whole "anti-violence"
bit, but later eps proved that wasn't necessarily the case. In "Bride of
the Pastmaster", Razor attempts to "stop" T-Bone's "oil-suckin' eel" from
it's attack on the tanker with a "pincer missile", and only resorts to
the "matchhead" one as a last resort - sort of like a limited response
tactic in a military scenario. Of course, the "Match-head missile" turns
the worm into mush ("we just had the TurboKat washed!.."), but he tried
the civilized way first. The best example of this (IMO) in their weapons
inventory is the "scrambler missile", which shorts out all of the
weapons/control systems on the villains craft, yet would usually allow
for a forced landing. Still, not even this is applied evenly, they used
it on Hard-Drive in the Behemoth tank, allowing it simply to crash into a
building, but after T-Bone used it on DarkKat - he then fired an
explosive missile to finish him off (likely because he wanted revenge for
what he assumed to be Razor's sure demise in that ep, "Wrath of DarkKat").
You'll note that though they try to be balanced, they don't have a
problem with "getting the job done", and some of the darker humour
associated with that theme makes it into the show - note what's scrawled
on the "plain old missile" in "Chaos in Crystal":

        "From Razor With Love"

     A take on similar slogans from WWII and the conflict in Southeast Asia.


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