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     Here's part two of the rec.arts.animation exchange - this was a
response to the previous "better than you think" post, and is from
someone who's idea of God looks surprisingly like John Kricfalusi -
creator of Ren and Stimpy. She shouldn't be "flamed" for expressing her
opinion, but I'm sure she'd appreciate positive feedback.

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KLK> SWAT Kats is conditionally the best animated American animated series e
KLK>I say conditionally because that honor cannot be bestowed upon every episod
KLK>Here's the deal.

Obviously you have never seen The Tick and/or the (1994) Baby Huey Show.
The latter is technically Canadian, but still, that's NORTH America,
isn't it?

The Tick puts SWAT Kats to shame in just about everything, including
character design, storylines, voice acting, animation...the whole
enchilada. The recent Baby Hueys which were done entirely at Carbunkle
Cartoons in Vancouver, Canada had a little edge for me as far as the
actual animation.

SWAT Kats was pretty much interchangeable with most superhero/toy driven
shows that have been out in the past decade or so. IMHO, of course.

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