Music - Freddy Mercury would be proud

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 06:45:48 -0700 (PDT)

     Next time you watch "Pastmaster Always Rings Twice" - check out the
incidental music when the Pastmaster re-animates the pile of bones - and
they start to chase the grave-robbers. Man, when I first heard this bit
and most of the music that accompanies the TurboKat when it's in the air,
I realized I'd be taping this 'toon whenever I could. Even it's more
expensive competition (BTAS, Gargoyles) have fairly mundane tracks
compared to those on the 'KATS. What will really piss me off is if they
reactivate the project, but too late to save some of the people
associated with it from going to other projects (Glenn Leopold is still
at H-B, but he's writing for 1996's "Jonny Quest" - though I think all
the music people are still around).


        "They say a smile, will do the trick....
         with a little charm, laid on thick;
         but listen folks, forget those strokes -
         'cause 'KATS always gets the short end of the stick!"
         (Rita - Animaniacs "Icebreakers" AN148)

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