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From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 1995 06:29:41 -0800 (PST)

     Hiya fellow 'KATS fans. Some of you caught my crossposts to the
animation groups concerning SWATKATS, and if you didn't write to
Hanna-Barbera and express your displeasure at the cancellation - there's
no time like the present. All the mail to H-B gets 11 copies made of it,
which are distributed to 11 different departments - one of which is
Christian and Yvon Tremblay. Any mail sent to H-B regarding 'KATS is
used by people on our side, and the Tremblays, to bang Turner over the
head with.

     Here's what's happened lately. I've written a bunch of letters to
Ted Turner, Fred Seibert, TBS and a couple of animation magazines as well
as TV Guide and Atlanta's largest newspaper - right in Ted's home turf -
concerning Turner's bad faith regarding the fans, the 98 fired employees
of H-B, and the Tremblay brothers. Christian Tremblay called me to say
that him and his brother "feel totally drained by Turner" and that they'd
"put everything they had into the show". They've got a couple of
meetings a week with the Turner organization, but they keep getting the
runaround from " a bunch of yuppies trying to hold onto their jobs."

     The good news is that there are going to be four action figures:
Razor, T-Bone, DarkKat and Dr. Viper - 200,000 of them to start, and
supposedly in Toys R Us and Target by July. There is also a
SuperNintendo game on the way, and six episodes to be released for video
being released on three cassettes. I'll have to save the other stuff for

(P.S. I've got the Tremblay's fax and phone number - but I'm not allowed
 give them out, if anyone's tempted to ask. Sorry. They did tell me to
 let the 'net fans know that they really appreciate the fan support, and
 despite Ted Turner's lies, they know that there are lots of fans.)

******************** Dear Ted Turner: *********************************
:"You know, cancelling SWATKATS after advertising new eps shows us that
  the shoes of Messrs. Hanna and Barbera have been unoccupied far too long"
: <TT> "Why's that?"
:"...someone in the organization has developed 'cold feet' ".

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