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i'm listening to the panel on tv violence, and so i'm spreading my message
with all of my comments:

1. tED is on, and is being very popular, which is making me puke.

2. i want their email address, so i can ask tED on national TV why he
canceled swatkats

3. my view on this is that we should use the BBC as a model, where a kids
show can draw an amazing adult audience and last for 26 seasons with people
of all ages watching (Dr. Who), and where violence is so downplayed, that
it is amazing if any is on...when the american movie for dr. who aired on
the bbc, all the gang scenes were cut out to make it appropriate for
british tv.  if we follow this pattern, we can clean it up.

sorry for going off topic, part 3 of sk: the gathering will be out as soon
as i can get editing comments back to the author.