Subject: Ashrin's Basement: Zen and the Art of Stuff
Date: 4/5/1997 11:49 AM

       Heyho folx!

       I'm happy to say that "A Wolf in the Fold" is nearly complete.
I've decided that this story has deserved more of an R rating, as NC-17
is more for the heavy-duty sex stuff. "A Wolf in the Fold", due to the
opening sequences, would make you think that the pack would have more of
an appearance, but to explain NOW, before the story is out, the pack is
only there to make one appearance. Anyone who wants the pack to make a
come-back, well, e-mail me.

       Surprisingly, I've gotten several e-mails from people asking
about Vachon, and what takes place after "Queen of Rain". Vachon is
supposedly still around, though his life is under constant strain. When
you're a hermaphrodidic used-to-be shapeshifter, everyones ready to tear
you to pieces. Vash might make a comeback, but I'm not sure. He's really
a very cynical and none-too-happy character. However, there will be a
story detailing the reprecussions of Felina's stay in the fox's basement
called "Ravine". It'll be short, but it'll hopefully answer some
questions. Anyone who wants Vachon's character profile, e-mail me. I'd
be more than happy to give you a background.

       One question that kind of struck me, though, is if Felina were
pregnant from the encounter with Vash. The answer to that is no. Vash is
sterile because of his deformity. He cannot reproduce. One thing in
Vachon's past was his intense love for children; to take away his
ability to have kits of his own is a more personal strike that those of
his race made against him. So no, Felina wont be having foxkits :).

       "PsychDrama" is being changed to "Exorcism". It involved Jake and
Chance, for once, and their relationship <as FRIENDS, guys :P>. It
follows in the footsteps of "Queen of Rain" as far as a character story
goes. The rating will be PG-13, and probobly sit as one of my less
disturbing pieces. I'm going to try to make it as in-depth as possible
without getting too naughty.

       Also, watch out for my fan art :). I FINALLY have a pic of Felina
scanned, and I'll be getting the ones of Jake down soon...hopefully.
Anyway, I'm gonna cut out. I've said too much already :).
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