Subject: Re: Gender-separated prisons
From: mweb
Date: 3/31/1997 8:42 PM

I think he was referring to the original Mac and Molly Mange that escaped
>from Alkatraz.  They were biological kats (as opposed to mechanical) and
housed in the same prison.  However, Alkatraz could have had facilities for
housing make and female inmates.  I just don't think it's the standard way
of doing things.

Perhaps they keep the genders separated inside the prison..

Wasn't Turmoil also in the Alkatraz prison?  That's what it looked like at
the end of that ep. when she was tossing the paper out the window.

It's unclear if there were any women at the other prison (Warden Meece's)..
(Is that how you spell his name?) Since the only prisoner we see is Rex Shard.