Subject: "A Wolf in the Fold"
Date: 3/30/1997 2:01 AM

       Heya folx!

       For those of you who asked for and read "Queen of Rain", I've got
a new fanfic in the works called "A Wolf in the Fold". While "Queen of
Rain" centered more on Vachon, "A Wolf in the Fold" will center a lot on
Felina as a character. I figure depth for characters is left to us
writers. "Queen of Rain" was my standing ground for a Felina character
story, and "A Wolf in the Fold" is the product.

       While both stories are violent and more mature-audience based, I
try my damndest to capture the essence of the characters. I hope to
start my next project, "PsychoDrama", very shortly, where I'll be going
after the more prime characters <Jake, Chance>. That one wont be as
mature-audience based. It will have some violent language, and some
refferences to "<blank>" activities, but other than that, it'll keep to
the more 'subtle' guidelines.

       Hopefully I wont get ahead of myself like I did with my X-Files
fanfiction and Star Trek stuff :).

       Also, for those of you who DON'T like the heavy stuff, I'll be
revising "A Wolf in the Fold" into a more watered down PG-13 version.
The NC-17 version will still be around, but just as a note, the PG-13
one will be around.

       Jeez, here I am yakking and I doubt anyone's listening :). Oh
well. Just posting this so you guys know what's out there. :)