Subject: Kat prisons, the final word: the sequel, and some other stuff
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 3/30/1997 7:34 AM

Doc Konway mentions "conjugal visits" and Zax says that Molly was in a
prison uniform.  I've only one comment to make on that:  haven't you heard
of *disguises*?

Some katministrata:  replies to individual pieces of listmail go to the
sender, not to the entire list.  I've done this deliberately -- see for details.  Also, some of
your posts are starting to drift off-topic, with only remote references (at
best) to the Kats (you know who you are, and I won't mention names).

Oh yeah, we're back to being moderated.  I won't edit out comments,
however; I *will* edit out unnecessary quoted text and chop down .sig
files.  Questions on that to me in email.  Thanks.

And now back to your regularly scheduled listmail...