Subject: Re: Not to change the subject, but...
From: Pastmaster
Date: 3/27/1997 6:46 PM
To: Felix Lee

What IS that thing of hair that always sticks up in the back of Callie's
head?  Did she just sleep on it wrong, or is it a fashion statement, or what?
Any ideas?

One. If anyone has ever seen Project A-ko, you'd see that ditzy little C-ko
has that same thing on the back of her hair. With other animes, you'd also
find that girls have some kinda thing that sticks up in her hair (i.e. Ryoko
from Tenchi Muyo!). I think it's just a quirk the animators used just
because they've done it with every other film out there.

funny that she has heels and none of the males seem to wear
shoes at all.

Well that's okay!

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