Subject: Administrivia crud and other assorted furballs
From: Dana Uehara
Date: 3/27/1997 8:20 PM

The administrivia crud first:  is there any major objection to my
re-moderating the list?

I've seen just a tad too many posts violate the basic rules of netiquette
(mostly with too long .signature files), and some of the posts have also
had the first lines of their text chopped off (the latter being a problem
with majordomo, but if I re-moderate the list I may be able to cut down on
the problem).

(Replies on this to me in *email*, please; do NOT post to the list.)

In other news:  AJ Freda (no longer on the list) asked me to forward the
following:  he's  put up a web page: with some SK stuff on it.

Michael Chen:
  Does any Kats know if there are any more shows produced after the 24?

Uh, wasn't this covered in the FAQ, as well as discussed not more than a
day or so ago?  The answer is, to the best of my knowledge, no, unless you
want to count the three unfinished episodes.  In one, Dr. Harley Street
(from "The Ci-Kat-A") teams up with Dr. Viper; in another, Turmoil breaks
out of jail; and in the third, a new villain called Kataluna terrorizes the

Felix Lee:
  I thought there were more shoeless male kats.  don't most of the villains 
  walk around without shoes?  do all the female kats have high heels?

Dr. Viper is one I know of who doesn't wear shoes.  I don't remember if
Dark Kat wore shoes or not; and as for the Metallikats, well...  their
entire bodies are metal now, so would it really matter?  (I believe they
did have footwear when they escaped from Alkatraz, though.)  Dunno about
the female kats.