Subject: listmail replies
From: Dana Uehara
Date: 3/25/1997 8:07 AM

Assorted replies to some listmail...

Michael writes:
Does any one know if there are any more Swatkat episodes produced other
than the original 24 or so?

Not that I know of, unless you count the three unfinished episodes from the
second season, which had the voice tracks laid down but were never
animated.  To fill in those of you who don't know about these, a full
season of the Kats would contain 13 episodes.  For two seasons, this would
total 26 (although with the SKIQ episode it'd be 27).  Only 10 of the 13
episodes scheduled to air for the second season were actually aired,
however; the remaining three were repeats from the first season. 

Felix queries:
how do the swatkats stay hidden?  I can't think of any
reason a swatkats fan club armed with binoculars wouldn't be
able to track the Turbokat as they return to their lair,

and Curt replies:
I suppose the rationale is  that these locations are sufficiently 
remote that no one goes there looking.  Still, that doesn't explain why 
a determined fan wouldn't track it down eventually.

Well, we know that Razor rigged up a radar jammer so the Enforcers couldn't
locate the site (cf. "Unlikely Alloys"), and the SWAT Kats *were*
discovered once, by the Metallikats (cf. "Metal Urgency").  

It's also possible that the salvage yard is such an unlikely location to
find stuff other than junk that nobody would even suspect it.  Tho somehow
I can see that if any of us on the list were written into the series, that
kat would track the jet to the salvage yard and locate the hangar (although
I imagine it would be rather difficult to track a jet flying at Mach 5!).

Question is, though, unless the fan were a stalker (and I won't get into
that one), would the kat who discovered the Turbokat's  hangar report it to
the fan club, and/or to the Enforcers?