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Date: 3/25/1997 8:47 PM

a lot of ways, I wish the enemies and villians that SWAT Kats had were a
lot depth. My soul purpose for writing "Queen of Rain"
was to show what a character with true depth could do. The Kats are
obviously used to those who are simply just evil...and have never had a
criminal who killed to save their family, or, in an attempt to uncover
something far more important than simply themselves, ended up killing or
causing some havok...or, at least, I've never seen something like that.

       Other types of 'villians' that aren't in there are the ones who
are heartlessly evil...not just your typical evil. The ones who put
someone through a vivisection while they're fully concious, among other
atrocities. And not only that, but characters that were no different
than them...fighting against something that they see is wrong, but only
because the 'greater' entity sees *them* as wrong, they're taken to
'justice'. I could be going to deep, but as a writer, I choose to do

       To go off on a different tangent, though, I have gotten some
interest in the not-always-there characters...aka Felina, Sinian, etc.
etc. Our main heroes aren't the only ones I find interesting...true,
they can be inherently interesting, and their quirks are rather
fascinating in themselves, but there are characters I find to have
characteristics that are just too good to leave alone. Felina's obvious
dedication to her job, her rank, protocol...I could go on.

       Anyway, kick the topic around.

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