Subject: Re: stalking swatkats
From: Felix Lee
Date: 3/25/1997 9:07 PM

DJ Clawson:
   If "disappear" people would refer to the "1984"-like term of eliminating
people quietly, I *highly* doubt good ol' Jake and Chance would *ever* turn
to something that drastic.

yah.  as someone who's watched the show and created versions
of Jake and Chance in his head (completely unrelated to
anyone else's version, of course), I don't think it's likely

but if I were living in it, that's something else.  I mean,
if Portland (Oregon) were being defended from the occasional
interdimensional menace by two mysterious masked figures
flying an ultramodern jet, I'd definitely wonder why noone's
been able to find out any information about them in the past
two years.