Subject: Re: Well...
From: (WhiteCat)
Date: 3/25/1997 3:11 PM

At 02:06 PM 3/25/97, wrote:
for it...I just finished writing the first draft of a story called
"Queen of Rain". I note that any of you strictly non-slash or 'anyone
who writes <insert expletive here> like this shall be maimed' fans won't
like it at all, so I suggest you don't request it :).
                              -Ashrin <Nel>

Heh. I don't mind MOST slash stories, and I'll read anything SK I can get. 
So, send it on my way. :) (Part of the reason, I suppose, that I'm not 
opposed to this sort of thing is that I'm friends with a gay man. He's kewl. :))

-- WhiteCat, Daughter of Insanity /\_/\ ( o.o ) > * < Curiousity killed the cat, But satisfaction brought it back.