Subject: Re: hidden swatkats
From: "Curt Schimmel" <>
Date: 3/24/1997 7:58 PM

On Mar 22,  4:00pm, Felix Lee wrote:
Subject: hidden swatkats
this is one of the questions you're not supposed to ask, but
I kind of need to know.

how do the swatkats stay hidden?  I can't think of any
reason a swatkats fan club armed with binoculars wouldn't be
able to track the Turbokat as they return to their lair,

Yeah, really.  I guess it's the same reason that no one ever sees the
Batmobile go into a cave under Bruce Wayne's house.  I suppose the
rationale is that these locations are sufficiently remote that no one
goes there looking.  Still, that doesn't explain why a determined
fan wouldn't track it down eventually.