Subject: Re: hidden swatkats (fwd)
Date: 3/23/1997 5:31 PM

Well I don't know...

A friend of mine who got me hooked on the show before I started watching
always surmised that the TurboKat always traveled to fast to be tracked
without a planted homing beacon.  Say that's an idea!  Why didn't Feral or
any of the other guys think to plant a homing beacon on the TurboKat?  

Another point-
I'm sorry, I'm not that much of fan to have memorized *ALL* of the episodes.
But I recall One episode where some diddleyboo of Razor's broke, which he
claimed was able to keep their base hidden.  And they'd be in danger of
"Feral finding them without it"  Something like that.  Anyone who knows what
I'm talking about please look that up for the benefit of all of us.  Because
I sure don't.