Subject: Heyo And Stuff
Date: 3/23/1997 10:28 PM

how you guys will take my appearance...suffice to say that I might add a
contraversial edge to things. As it says in my sig file, I'm the
maintainer of Little White Foot Graphic Arts...aka, I'm the only one
involved in it...kind of. Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent. The reason
I'm worried about getting on this list is the possibility of getting in
fights...I got targeted several times in past lists. I suppose it's just
me. The reason for the 'fights' is due to my rather 'odd' or 'out there'
fan works. I write fanfic and do fanart. The thing about both of those
are I don't have any worries about where 'regular' art stops and
'erotic' art takes its toll. That's just me, though. So, yes, I do
"dirty" pictures portraying the characters of fandoms...not of SK as
yet, so don't throw stones just yet :).

       Anyway, yeah, I'm also writing several fanfics. Those aren't as
bad...they just have very disturbing variations. I guess it depends on
what you find disturbing; mental and/or physical torment. Anyway, yeah.
I'll probobly be posting those stories here before I try to get em
archived <the softer ones, that in the not too graphic pieces>.
I won't go as far as least not THIS time :). Trust me,
it's gotten *that* bad...<sigh>.

       Half of you are probobly seriously wondering about me by now :).
Anyway, don't be afraid or nothing...I don't bite, and I've got all my
shots...honest :). Anyway, if you want, you can e-mail me to get some
samples of my work. That's all I've gotta say for now, though, so
catchya later.

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