Subject: katministrivia note, and misc...
From: Dana Uehara
Date: 3/22/1997 10:19 AM

Several people have signed up for the list in the past few days alone.
Please be sure, however, that you're subscribed to the list from a valid
email address.  If you change email addresses later, be sure to unsubscribe
the old address, or email me to remove the old address.  If you don't know
what email address you used to subscribe to the list, send the command "who
kats" (no quotes) to

Email addresses that bounce with "unknown user" errors will be removed.
Anything that bounce with an "unknown host" error may also be removed, but
I'll probably give more leeway on that one.  I haven't, and hopefully won't
have to, remove people from the list for disciplinary reasons.

On a lighter note, I'm still working on my fanfic, which has currently come
to a standstill since I got a new computer (the file is still on the old
computer, and I haven't gotten around to moving it).  To those of you who
are waiting on it, sorry for the wait -- I hope to have it out soon!

On the Kats web site:  what happened to the TV screen grabs, or were those
removed permanently?  I tried to find a screen grab of Razor crouched down
amidst some gunfire (from "Cry Turmoil") on the site, but couldn't find any
of the screen grabs.