Subject: Re: hidden swatkats
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 3/22/1997 5:13 PM

Felix Lee wrote:

how do the swatkats stay hidden?  I can't think of any
reason a swatkats fan club armed with binoculars wouldn't be
able to track the Turbokat as they return to their lair,

  Well, that's something we like to call (or at least I do) Superhero
Physics. It's much like Cartoon Physics, which the SWAT Kats do participate
in, which allows cartoon women to fight in short skirts and high heels and
characters to stretch twice their normal size if the situation requires.
  Superhero Physics states that heroic characters have a magical quality
that the people around them are unable and deterred from using logic and/or
deduction to discover their real identities. Yeah -- like Superman and
Underdog really look *that* much different with their glasses, when they
become Clark Kent and Shoeshine Boy. In one episode of Underdog called "Go
Snow," Shoeshine Boy's glasses *even fell off* in front of the regular
female damsel-in-distress Sweet Polly, and since he's the only male dog in
their entire planet aside from Underdog, you'd think it would be obvious
enough to her. But WHOOSH -- right over her head! Similar to Callie's
situation with her mechanics.

   NOTE : These laws usually work better when the characters around them
are female airheads -- and fortunately, heros seem to attract plenty of them.

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