Subject: Re: hidden swatkats
From: Felix Lee
Date: 3/22/1997 5:58 PM

DJ Clawson:
  Superhero Physics states that heroic characters have a magical quality
that the people around them are unable and deterred from using logic and/or
deduction to discover their real identities.

heh.  but I do have half an explanation.  most kats who try
to deduce the swatkats' identity get stuck on money.  the
hardware the swatkats use is clearly quite expensive, so
either the swatkats are rich, or they're a secret project
funded by some corporation or government agency.

anyone who follows the swatkats-are-rich line is going to
hit a dead end, of course.

anyone who tries the secret-project line is going to get
lost in too many possibilities.  and in this line, there's
no reason to believe there's anything very special about the
two swatkats, if there _are_ just two swatkats.

so that's taken care of.  I just don't have a good
explanation, not even a good handwave for anyone who tries
to follow the physical evidence.  for instance, tracking the
Turbokat back to their lair.

hmm.  maybe this is a reason for their mach 5 ability..