Subject: Nobody has posted anything this month yet so....
From: Chris Tom Cimafranca
Date: 3/18/1997 12:01 AM


Razor couldn't belive it, here he & T-bone were prisoners on an alien
	world, with these, what did they call themselves again ? oh 
	yes, humans.... the name sounded weird to him, allmost like a
	word from a story book, but this was no bedtime story, this 
	was really happening, would someone come to their rescue ?
	he secretly hoped that someone would....

T-bone's mind was on thier situation as well, he remembered the portal
	the pastmaster had sent them through & they wound up here on
	this world that was called earth by it's life forms on it, he
	thought how careless it was of him to try to escape the portal
	after it was too late.... he blamed himself for the current
	state they were in....

The dungon cell the Swat Kats were in wasn't much to look at, for one
	thing it smelled like death, the smell seemed to dominate the
	very air all around the 2 kats, it was hard for them to put
	thier minds at ease givin the situation they were in now....


	Chris Tom Cimafranca

Message : You Had To Be There, I Was.... 
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