Subject: SWAT Kats returning to weekdays on TCN!
From: Dana Uehara
Date: 3/16/1997 11:25 AM

Looks like listmail membership has exploded over the past couple of days,
although I suspect that with this post I'll end up pulling people off due
to bounced mail (unknown host/user errors, etc).

The SWAT Kats marathon is currently airing on the Cartoon Network, and it
looks like Razor's voicing all of the commercial teasers (some apparently
new ones that Barry Gordon may have recorded just for this marathon).

TCN also just aired a teaser for the Kats which has them airing daily at
3:30 pm EST (12:30 pm Pacific), which my TV guide is also showing.  Looks
like the Kats are being shown back-to-back between Speed Racer and

(Is it just me, or does TCN seem to be drifting more toward feline-based
shows with the addition of such stuff like Thundercats and Pink Panther, as
well as returning the Kats to a weekday airtime slot?)