Subject: March kat-birthdays (and some other stuff)
From: Dana Uehara
Date: 3/3/1997 5:15 PM

J.A. Woodward		March 5
Paul Kemner		March 15
Erin O'Connell	  	March 26
Pablo Romero		March 27
packrat			March 27

If you've got a March kat-birthday and aren't on here, let me know in
email.  Please do NOT post to the list -- it's not worth wasting the

The other stuff:  my laptop is currently on its last legs (yes, I'm going
to start looking for a replacement computer as soon as I can find the time
and money), so this could put my fanfic completion date back a bit.  I'll
try to finish it in a timely manner, though.