Subject: Re: kats-digest V1 #148
From: "Pablo Romero O." <>
Date: 2/24/1997 4:53 AM

    YAY! I was wondering about you, since you never delivered "Murder..."
Looking forward to it; please try and finish it this time!

ACK! Dj, Sorry! i forgot to work on the fanfic! :P.... well, the
thing is that i had some friend's   request to make a fanfic about
the Samurai Pizza cats (d on't laugh) and since he's a fan for te
show i'm doing him the favor....besides it's kinda  bit refreshing,
it's prure nonsense and it cleans up my mind from all the tension i'm
getting lately these past few days :)
I don'ttghink i'll be working on the SK fanfic until March 15th or
16th, i promised my friend (ok, she's my cousin, so there you have
it, see why i had to accept? ;) ) I would have it done by then so she
could give it to her net friends and spread it across...well, family
is family :). though i have to tell you, it's very refreshin
switching froma dark and serious tone to a lighter and sillier one :)
I tried adding just a bit to the SK fanfic (slipping away from my
promised work) and found myself rather creative :) so i guess
switching between moods helps you rest your mind on one mood while
you're working on the other...i recommend all fanfic writers to take
it as an excercise..and when you are stuck at some point, just take
abreak and write the characters doing someyhing silly ,like the Paladin
Mooning the King, and who knows, it can end up into the plot..or kill
them off ;), in a story, i was stuck and i killed off a character (on
another page as a mock-up of the story, to release frustration) and
it ended falling into the plot of the character getting severly
wounded (not killed) and it helped me move some unanticipated factors
:). either way is good, when you can't produce anymore switch to
soemthing lighter and have fun with it, you'll end up more
refreshed...anyone here of the fanfic writers does something similar?
(Whew, i REALLY took the long way, didn't i? :P )