From: Dana Uehara
Date: 2/23/1997 3:45 PM

Just a brief message to breathe some life into the list.  (I normally don't
bite, so don't be afraid to post.)  I *have* had a rather annoying cough
for the past week or so, however, so I apologize in advance if I get on
anyone's tail.  To put it in kat terms, the cough feels like a hairball
that can't quite be coughed up.

Meantime, I've been working on my home page (, which
has a shrunken version of Jake ("jakesg.GIF" from the old web site)
on it.  I don't know who did the pic, but I thought it was rather well-done
-- only Jake's fur was the same color as Chance's!  (Uh, oops?  ;-)

Other goodies...  a few people have told me I look quite a bit like Razor,
so I put my picture side by side with Razor on the web site, so you can
decide for yourself.  The page itself is still undergoing construction, so
it'll be a while before its final version is finished.

Even more goodies...  I'm currently working on a piece of kat fanfic, in
bits and pieces ("Murder on Megakat Ave," a different piece of fanfic, is
nowhere near ready to send to anyone, sorry); and it's about 2/3 or so
done.  I'll either put it on my web site or send it to DJ when I finish it.

Enough rambling.  I'll shut up now.