Subject: Re:
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 2/23/1997 4:59 PM

Meantime, I've been working on my home page (, which
has a shrunken version of Jake ("jakesg.GIF" from the old web site)
on it.  I don't know who did the pic, but I thought it was rather well-done
-- only Jake's fur was the same color as Chance's!  (Uh, oops?  ;-)

   That's a picture by the Tremblay brothers (don't know which one) --
probably one of the original sketches before Davis Doi and Mook got their
paws on it to "soften" the characters for TV (and that's a good thing -- the
Tremblay stuff is kinda demonic).

Even more goodies...  I'm currently working on a piece of kat fanfic, in
bits and pieces ("Murder on Megakat Ave," a different piece of fanfic, is
nowhere near ready to send to anyone, sorry); and it's about 2/3 or so
done.  I'll either put it on my web site or send it to DJ when I finish it.

    YAY! I was wondering about you, since you never delivered "Murder..."
Looking forward to it; please try and finish it this time!

Dr. Jake Clawson
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